Her Story dramatised tour

Part history lesson, part roaming theatre show, Her Story is an accurate and emotional depiction of the harsh life within the Cascades Female Factory in 1833. Her Story helps visitors to really understand the significance of this place and what happened here.

This exciting and dramatic visitor experience at the Cascades Female Factory Historic Site brings to life the extraordinary story of the convict women and their children who were incarcerated at the World Heritage-listed site.

Her Story is performed by two actors, one portraying the woman whose story is being told, and the other male actor playing the parts of overseer and a doctor.

Women were incarcerated at the Female Factory as punishment, to be reformed, or while waiting to be assigned as servants to free settlers.

Currently performances start at 12:00pm Thursday – Monday.* Duration approximately 45 minutes.

*from 1st October ‘Her Story’ will run daily

Cost $20 Adults, $12.50 Child, $60 Family

Her Story offers a direct and emotional insight into the lives of women convicts at the Cascades Female Factory

Her Story offers a direct and emotional exploration of life inside the Cascades Female Factory during the 1830s

Her Story is performed daily at the Cascades Female Factory