Advice on caring for heirlooms


Do you have a precious family heirloom but caring for it is an issue?

The answer to your problem is close at hand – this Saturday (September 5) in fact when all will be revealed at the Cascades Female Factory in South Hobart.

Jai Paterson from Arts Tasmania’s Roving Curator Program will talk about caring for special family objects: storing, displaying, cleaning and even using them!

And Jai will be seeking some input from her audience as well. She will ask visitors to name a ‘mystery object’ discovered during an archaeological dig on the site of the Ross Female Factory.

“The object was found in an old drain, just outside what was once the factory’s hiring class dormitory,” Jai said.

“It poses many questions: What was it doing at the factory? Was it stolen from a soldier and hidden by a convict woman who intended to come back for it later? After all, stories are rife of the contraband traded between convict women in these factories.”

The ‘mystery object’ is on loan from the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery in Launceston where Jai and another part-time museum curator, Liz Adkins, are based.

They travel the state providing advice and assistance to Tasmania’s small volunteer-run museums.

Saturday’s free event from 1pm to 3.30pm (in the Matron’s Cottage in Degraves St) is primarily for South Hobart residents and, in particular, neighbors of the Cascades Female Factory.

It will provide an opportunity for locals to view the travelling exhibition from the Parramatta Female Factory in New South Wales, Women Transported: Life in Australia’s Female Factories.

This travelling exhibition, spread between the Cascades Female Factory and the Penitentiary Chapel in Brisbane Street, has only a short time to run and will close on Sunday 20 September.

If you would like to attend this Saturday’s event, please phone the Cascades Female Factory on 6223 1559 (Monday to Friday).

Jai Paterson will advise on caring for your precious family heirlooms

Jai Paterson will advise on caring for your precious family heirlooms