New era for Cascades Female Factory Historic Site

A new era has begun at the Cascades Female Factory Historic Site in South Hobart, with responsibility for the management having recently been passed to the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority (PAHSMA) and the appointment of Julie Henderson as Site Manager.

The Cascades Female Factory was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as one of the 11 Australian Convict Sites properties on 31 July 2010. Collectively, these 11 properties represent an exceptional example of the forced migration of convicts and an extraordinary example of global developments associated with punishment and reform.

The Cascades Female Factory demonstrates how transportation was used to expand Britain’s spheres of influence; as well as to punish and reform female convicts. More than 5,000 women convicts are known to have spent time at the Cascades Female Factory, and today the site has a vitally important role in telling the story of our female convicts and their children.

The Cascades Female Factory will benefit from PAHSMA’s conservation expertise and experience in heritage management. With PAHSMA now responsible for management of three convict sites including Port Arthur and the Coal Mines near Saltwater River, there are obvious synergies, particularly in areas such as joint marketing and access to specialist staff.

PAHSMA CEO Stephen Large reiterated the Premier’s praise of the outgoing Female Factory Historic Site Ltd, in particular outgoing Chair Peter Rae AO and Project Manager Shirley McCarron AM. He also paid tribute to the numerous volunteers who have been associated with the site. Collectively, they have contributed greatly to elevating the site from neglected industrial space to the World Heritage listed convict site it is today.

The memorial at the Cascades Female Factory in South Hobart

The memorial at the Cascades Female Factory in South Hobart