New members sought for Female Factory community consultative committee

The Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority (PAHSMA) is responsible for the conservation and management of the Port Arthur Historic Site and the Coal Mines Historic Site on the Tasman Peninsula, and the Cascades Female Factory Historic Site (CFFHS) in Hobart. These heritage sites comprise buildings, structures, artefacts, and records, dating mainly from the convict period. The Sites are all places of cultural and historic significance and are listed on the Tasmanian Heritage Register and the National Heritage List. The sites are three of the eleven historic sites that together comprise the Australian Convict Sites World Heritage property.

Our Vision

“To conserve, manage and promote the Port Arthur Historic Site, Coal Mines Historic Site and Cascades Female Factory Historic Site as cultural tourism places of international significance.”

In 2012, PAHSMA established a Local Community Advisory Committee to assist with the management of the CFFHS. The aim of the Committee includes the promotion and facilitation of an exchange of information between the Committee and PAHSMA, and to provide an avenue for the Community to discuss local issues, views and concerns.

The PAHSMA Board is calling for nominations from interested individuals or representatives of groups who wish to contribute to the management and conservation of the Cascades Female Factory Historic Site.

Examples of such groups and individuals might include:

  • Female Factory Historic Site Ltd (FFHS Ltd)
  • South Hobart Progress Association
  • Residents
  • Business
  • Tourism
  • Local Heritage interests (both natural and cultural)
  • Local government
  • Staff/volunteer representative
  • Local schools
  • Any other person / interest group who can demonstrate a significantinterest in the management and conservation of the Historic Site.

Nominations should detail the way in which the nominee can represent the broad perspectives of the community and can bring to the Committee knowledge of the opinions and concerns of community members and groups. If the nominee is the representative of a group, then a formal letter of support from the group should also be provided.

Nominations (marked confidential) should be addressed to:

Prof. Sharon Sullivan, AO
Chair, PAHSMA Board
Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority
Port Arthur TAS 7182

Nominations close on Monday 17th August 2015 and can be either mailed to the address above or emailed to

A copy of the Committee’s Terms of Reference and Information for CFFCAC Applicants and Members is available here or by contacting Greta McDonald on 03 6233 6553or via email at



If further information is needed about any aspect of this call for members please contact:

Greta McDonald, Manager Cascades Female Factory Historic Site, phone 03 6233 6553, or


Stephen Large, Chief Executive Officer, phone 6251 2300, or email