Corporate Identity

The Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority’s principal identity reflects the heritage values of the sites under its management. It builds on the spirit of the past whilst conveying a fresh contemporary feel, designed to provide a workable tool across all applications and media, including digital media.

Due to its expanded responsibility for multiple, related, yet distinctive sites, the Authority’s principal identity has been augmented with a suite of Individual Site identities that convey the spirit and character of each site.

Principal Corporate Identity

PAHSMA Principal Identity Logo

The well-recognised symbol of the Church remains at the heart of the identity. The Church is a visually prominent feature of the Port Arthur Historic Site, and importantly, its easily recognised Gothic style architecture emphasises the significant heritage values of the Site.

The symbol of the Church is not only a direct tribute to its convict builders, it also reflects the importance made of religion within Western culture of the day and in the stated goals of the penal settlement’s administration – to reform through religion.

The logotype refers to the ‘Port Arthur Historic Sites’. This has been done for several reasons:

  • It acknowledges PAHSMA’s care of multiple sites while maintaining the primary recognition associated with Port Arthur
  • It will inspire intending visitors, and others, to find out more detail about our organisation
  • Encouraging intending visitors to seek out more information so that they can plan a more fulfilling and enjoyable visit is a key objective of the marketing plan.

The identity has been integrated into PAHSMA’s stationery, uniforms, vehicles, signage and marketing communications including this website.

Individual site identities

PAHSMA Individual Site Logos


Style Guide

Usage of PAHSMA’s visual identities is detailed in PAHSMA’s Style Guide. Queries regarding use of PAHSMA’s identity in any media should be directed to the organisation’s Marketing Manager.