Research Enquiry Service

The Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority can assist you with research into Tasmanian convicts – whether or not the convict came to Port Arthur, the Coal Mines or the Cascades Female Factory. We can also assist in researching non-convicts who had a relationship with the Cascades Female Factory or Port Arthur, for example a Matron, Medical Officer, Commandant or Overseer.


We can provide copies of records relating to Tasmanian Convicts that have been digitized and are held at the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office – sourced from the LINC Tasmania website. They can include:

  • Conduct/Police record
  • Indent (which may provide details of relatives)
  • Physical description
  • Appropriation list
  • Application for permission to marry

We can check a variety of indexes, including our own, for further reference to a person and can conduct a name search to determine whether a person arrived in Tasmania as a convict. Though we are unable to conduct in-depth genealogical searches, we can advise on undertaking general genealogical research.

We aim to complete requests within 4 to 6 weeks. If you require work to be completed urgently (generally within 48 hours, excluding weekends), we can do so for an additional fee.


For those having difficulty deciphering the abbreviations often found on conduct records, indents or description lists, we can assist by producing a typed transcription.


  • Minimum Fee – $45.00 (includes up to 1 hour search/transcription time).
  • In excess of one hour, at the hourly rate of $45 per hour (or part thereof).
  • Printouts @ $0.66 per page.
  • Postage and packing.  Hard-copy delivery is charged at standard Australia Post rates.
  • Urgent order fee – $60.00. In addition to the minimum fee.

 Online Enquiry Form

To submit an enquiry please complete our Enquiry Form. Download the form below and return it to our Resource Centre.


For more information about our Enquiry Service contact our Resource Centre:

Ph: +61 (0)3 6251 2324 / 6251 2326