“Thank you so much for your response to our letter. We are delighted to have the further fascinating information on [his] time at Port Arthur. My son is in year 8 and studying Australian history so it is amazing for him to read that his GGG Grandfather experienced these things that he is learning about! All the very best.”

Janice – 10 February, 2013.


“Thanks for answering my query re the reference on the bottom of Henrietta’s [conduct] record, it is good to know that she was at Richmond on that date. The link you have given me shows more clearly the reason she had been transported. I see what you mean about how much detail is held on some of the records. It really is amazing to have these precious records available to us that can provide just where and when they were at a certain time of their lives.”

Patricia in Tasmania – 1 February, 2013.


“Thank you so much for that you have really got me out of a big hole, and that letter fits in perfectly with the other letters. Again thank you so much you have really helped me greatly.”

Anthony – 1 February, 2013.


“Thank you so much for all this it’s wonderful. I really appreciate all the hard work you have put into helping me.”

Iman in NSW – 30 January, 2013.


“Thank you for your detailed and professional report for convict John Ward.”

Tony in Victoria – 6 August, 2012.


“Thank you so much for your prompt reply, and the information you have given me about John Gall. I have as much information on John as anybody could have, and I was fairly certain he didn’t go into the Port Arthur “mix”, but I just needed to double check. Thank you once again.”

Dennis in Victoria – 2 August, 2012.


“Would just like to publicly express my thanks and appreciation. She has been a fantastic help with my daughter’s year 11 history assignment and has been extremely fast in her communication and more than helpful with the items she sent us.  Some will say/think it is her job to help, but I can assure you she went well and truly beyond her job to help and do some good research that we could not do via internet and we definitely could not get down to Tasmania to search through endless documents. Thank you so very very much.”

Donna – 11 July, 2012.


“Thank you for researching John and James Bell. You did an excellent job and the information was beautifully presented I cannot thank you enough.”

Lorraine in Tasmania – 18 November, 2011.


“Many years ago you transcribed two convict records for me. This started me off on a wonderful journey of discovery which still continues today. Thank you for the part you have played in my most interesting and fascinating pastime of family research!”

Glad in Victoria – 6 September, 2011.


“Thank you so much – it is so exciting to read all of this after having peered through my magnifying glass numerous times trying to decipher the original document! It fills in many gaps in William’s story.”

Annette in Victoria – 27 October, 2010.


“I have just received in the mail the records you researched for me and just wanted to thank you for getting them back to me so quickly. It is brilliant to read about my great grandfather, to see the description of the way he looked and to get a little insight into his character. Thank you so much.”

Venette in Queensland – 6 September, 2010.


“I cannot thank you enough for the information you’ve sent me. Amongst a whole range of emotions which my wife and I experienced on reading the contents – your efforts and contribution have been invaluable. Needless to say we were straight onto Google Earth to find the precise location of Impression Bay and the memories came flooding back. Our sincere thanks.”

Gordon in the UK – 17 October, 2009.


“I would like to say a very big thank you to everyone in the Resource Centre who provided me with information on Port Arthur for my history presentation at school. My teacher and classmates loved the presentation. Last week I found out that I got the top mark in the year for my presentation. I am thrilled. Can’t wait for my next trip to Port Arthur.”

Sarah in Canberra – 24 May, 2009.


“I have to compliment you on your thorough, courteous and very helpful correspondence in my quest for finding out details of James Rickson’s transportation. I have enjoyed speaking to you and wish you well with the wonderful knowledge that you are imparting to the rest of the world’s population, anxious to find their ancestors – good or bad.”

Monica in the USA – 19 November, 2007.


“Thank you so much for your help with my poetry anthology. The poetry and historical information you sent to me were of great assistance and was not available elsewhere. I got a high distinction!”

Karyn of NSW – 5 July, 2006.


“Would just like to thank you for your help and for sending the notes to me. You have no idea how much it means. I only started tracing my family history 10 months ago and I love it. But it can be daunting at times until you come across someone like yourself who is willing to lend a hand. Once again, thank you.” 

Jan in Tasmania – 8 February, 2006.


“Thanks for the Port Arthur pack that you have researched for me. I have decided to come down to Port Arthur as part of my own research so that I can create a good website for my work. This has all been quite a find for me. Thank you for your work.”

Marg in Victoria ~ 4 January, 2006.


“I would like to draw to your attention to how nicely [you] treated my wife and self … and express our appreciation for the documentation presented to us in our search for family details. The documents have settled a family dispute which has been going on for some years about the family name.”

Mark in NSW – 30 November, 2005.


“You may be pleased to hear that, assisted by your information, we have further tracked down the movements of my great grandfather. All of this has spurred me to contact ‘long lost’ cousins in various States so it has been quite gratifying.”

Neil in NSW – 11 March 2005.


“Thank you very much for the information supplied by yourself. My father who turns 90 next month always wanted a convict ancestor. it will be a great present for him.”

Sue in Victoria – 25 September, 2002.


“On arriving home from our recent trip yesterday, I was thrilled to find your letter and accompanying information regarding Rev. J.A. Manton waiting for me. It is much more than I had ever hoped for, and I am so grateful. What I knew has been corroborated and so much new information has been added. Thank you.”

Patricia in Tasmania – 26 June, 2002.


“Your letter arrived today and I am absolutely delighted because the convict is without a doubt mine. I was delighted to see his native place given as Chiswick as I have been trying to find that out for a number of years. Thank God for the detailed Aussie records!”

Charmaine in Queensland – 14 December, 2001.


“This note is to offer my thanks for your time spent on my behalf in the endeavour to trace past family members. I feel you may have gone out of your way to do so and am grateful to you for your effort.”

Ron in the Northern Territory – 17 May, 2000.


“I can only say I am absolutely thrilled with the records you have supplied and the research you have carrried out on my behalf! Your service is splendid and one is so grateful.”

Betty in Victoria – 2 December, 1999.


“The information you have revealed through your transcription, which has made it legible for me, has provided another avenue of searching, with the listing of his sisters, and also that he had a prior conviction.”

Kelvin in Tasmania – 8 November, 1999.


“How very perspicacious of you in your remembrance of my particular problems relating to the errant Charles Jnr. Thank you ever so much for your efforts, they are very, very much appreciated.”

Robin in Queensland – 18 June, 1999.


“Yes I would like to make contact with the people you did research for in case they are descendants I have not yet come across. Thank you very much for your service.”

Patricia in NSW – September, 1998.


“Thank you so very much for the information you so kindly supplied. I had very little and you have filled in so many gaps for me.”

Terry in Tasmania – 3 September, 1998.


“What a delight to receive letters, photocopies and other data. As I mentioned the packaging is good and the presentation is by far the best I have encountered. Please keep up the impressive work.”

Maurice in NSW – 13 October, 1997.


“A family tree, recently completed by a relative, was the basis for my enquiry. The information which you forwarded to me suggests some important inaccuracies with the family tree; inaccuracies that I can now redress. Again, thank you for the obvious time, effort and care you provided in responding to my enquiry. As a Tasmanian, I am proud to send a copy of your very comprehensive and informative letter and accompanying information to interested relatives and friends interstate and overseas. It is great to see that Tasmania offers yet another professional service.”

Liz in Tasmania – 24 February, 1997.