Contact Tracing

The Tasmanian Government has directed that contact tracing at this venue is mandatory for anyone who enters and remains on the premises for at least 15 minutes. This will allow for the rapid identification of people who may have been exposed to COVID‑19, if a case is present.

To ensure your compliance with this regulation please complete and submit this form (please only click submit once). Your details will be securely kept for 28 days and then they will be destroyed.

Contact Tracing

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  • Please note only one name per group is required.

This information has been collected for the purposes of:

a. the management, detection, notification, treatment or prevention of the spread of COVID-19
b. managing the threat to public health, or likely threat to public health, as a result of COVID-19
c. ensuring compliance with, and enforcing, the Public Health Act 1997.
The information will not be used, or disclosed, other than as authorised under the Public Health Act 1997