Social Media campaign collaboration with Queensland University of Technology

As the caretaker of three World Heritage-listed sites, one of which is currently Australia’s premier tourist destination, as well as a leader in conservation, Port Arthur Historic Sites offers an esteemed, supportive and inspiring environment for marketing students to build on their knowledge and skills in promoting the work and stories of these important places. 

In 2019, PAHSMA partnered with first year students from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) with the real-life challenge of designing a social media campaign for the Cascades Female Factory.  Several groups pitched their proposed campaigns, with the chosen one, titled “#NowYouHearUs”, bringing to light the stories of four defiant women who define the strength and tenacity of female convicts.  Mary Wilkes, Catherine Owens, Sarah Jacobs and Mary Devign were all young women who did not let the system break them, but rather they continued to defy the odds, and the law, in a place that punished them for the crime of poverty.

Despite the intriguing, heart wrenching and, sometimes, humorous nature of these stories, many Australians are unaware of them and the integral role the thousands of female convicts played in the building of the colonies and modern society of this country.

In February 2020, one of the students flew from Brisbane to Hobart and spent a week familiarising herself with Port Arthur and Cascades Female Factory, with these insights then used to add to and refine the content of the campaign.

We wish to thank the students, Samantha Bury , Koby Tarvit, Eliza Savage, Matilda Roberts and Soroush Modaressadeghi and their teacher, Ariadna Matamoros Fernadez, for their creativity and dedication.