Included with every site entry ticket, the Cascades Female Factory Audio Experience provides an overview of the history of the site as well as the stories of the women and children that spent time here.   

Most of the structures and buildings that made up the Cascades Female Factory have been removed or lost with time.  Today, you can take your time as you wander through the space and listen to true tales of the courage, resourcefulness and resilience of the women lived, worked and aspired to a better life outside these same walls. 

The audio experience fills in the space between then and now. 

Listen/stream or download the audio experience by clicking one of the links below or searching “Cascades Female Factory Experience” where you download your podcasts.

We recommend that you bring along a set of headphones or earbuds.

卡斯凯德女子监狱历史遗址 – 自助语音导览

Woman using audio tour | Cascades Female Factory | Historic Site Australia
卡斯凯德女子监狱历史遗址 – 自助语音导览