Alison Alexander

Seventh-generation Australian with convict ancestors in the first, second, and third fleet. Former lecturer in history. Written and contributed to a number of publications on convict women. Founding member of the Female Convicts Research Centre and Convict Women’s Press.

Somayeh Kouhestani

Somayeh Kouhestani arrived in Tasmania in 2014 (?) with her family. Originally from Afghanistan, Somayeh lived in Iran as a refugee for 17 years. Somayeh worked for the Migrant Resource Centre as a bicultural youth support worker with the youth settlement programme.

Deborah Thomson

Author of Whose Life Is It Anyway? Recognising and Surviving Domestic Violence

Lorraine Davidson

Convict Descendant (Charlotte Williams, PERSIAN)

Kim Phong

On the Honour Roll of Women for service to Multicultural Affairs. Established Chinese Language School in Hobart. One of the original ‘boat people’ who arrived in Australia from Vietnam in 1979. Advocates for Migrant women and especially active in supporting aged communities of migrants.

Alina Thomas

Family violence victims advocate CEO Engender Equality

Leslie French

Convict Descendant of Bridget O’Brien (GG Grandmother) who was transported from Ireland aged 18, spent time at the Factory, lost three children to the orphan school, and spent 60 years in the New Norfolk Asylum.

Kartanya Maynard

Trawlwoolway (TAS), Kaurna and Ngadjuri (SA) artist and musician

Rosalie Martin

Awarded Tasmanian Australian of the Year for work teaching literacy and communication to prisoners – and those at-risk of prison future.

Nunami Sculthorpe-Green

First Nations woman Community development officer, Aboriginal student advisor and owner/operator of Takara nipaluna

Sandra Taylor

Convict Descendant (G Grandmother Biddy Lewis, transported in 1848 – gave birth to a child in the Factory – Sandra’s direct ancestor)

Jeanette James

First Nations woman and shell necklace artist

Christina Henri

Descendant of convicts Former artist in residence at CFF and conceptual artist behind the ‘Roses from the Heart Project’

Robin Banks

Former CEO of PIAC and Tasmania’s Anti- Discrimination Commissioner

Te Ka Myee Paw

Karen (Southeastern Myanmar) refugee who came to Tasmania from Mae La refugee camp in Thailand. She is a member of Students Against Racism

Joanne Slamen

Convict Descendant

Martine Delaney

Advocate for the experiences of LGBTQI+ people. First transgender woman recognised on the Honour Roll of Women. Campaigned for the inclusion of gender optional on Tasmanian birth.

Theresa Sainty

First Nations linguist and scholar. One of the consultants on aboriginal content included in the interpretation program at Cascades Female Factory

Dianne Snowden

Descendent of convicts. Written and contributed to a number of publications on convict women. Co-founder of FCRC and CWP.

Bernadette Black

After personally experiencing the stigma associated with teenage pregnancy, Bernadette (Bernie) Black founded Brave Foundation in 2009

Caroline Dean

Prison Action Reform Inc.

Fiona Strahan

Tasmanian disability advocate

Nunami & Tanganutura Sculthorpe- Green

palawa/warlpiri woman Nunami Sculthorpe- Green with her daughter

Lucille Cutting

Co-created The Pin, a website about race, identity and culture in Australia. Hosts Edge Radio’s Women on the Edge program.

Sharifah Emalia Al-Gadrie

Project manager of ‘A Fairer World’ Project Officer at Students Against Racism