Our new kid’s activity booklet ‘Factory Tales’ is now available for young visitors to the Cascades Female Factory.

‘Factory Tales’ is a great way for kids to explore the site and learn about the lives of the Female Factory’s convicts as they search for answers and collect stamps.

Highlights of the ‘Factory Tales’ booklet include:

  • A colourful illustration of the original Female Factory site
  • A range of activities to complete at 12 different stations
  • Stories and images of people, places and objects associated with the Female Factory

Completed activity booklets will receive a ‘stamp of approval’ featuring a reproduced design from an original ‘Female House of Correction’ seal (as shown below) that was used to secure and authenticate official correspondence.

‘Factory Tales’ is free of charge and suitable for children aged 8-12.  Ask for a copy at the ticketing desk when you arrive.